Bollywood reaction on Asifa Little girl raped

Bollywood reaction on Asifa Little girl raped

Bollywood reaction on Asifa Little girl raped:- Hello readers, Today we are not come up with any Entertainment or any Rate – Reviews article.

Today We decided to Share a dark sided fact of our traditional India. So Here We Start.

Asifa Little girl raped

“Asifa” no-one knows her name before the Kathua Rape Case.

  • Who Is Asifa?

Asifa is 8 years old girl, Who brutally raped and murdered.

  • What was her full story?

Asifa an 8-year girl, Who kidnapped and stored in a temple, Where she raped by 4 peoples for 3 days. After that, they killed her by attacking her face with a stone. They even raped her while she was in her last breath.

Asifa is not a first child who raped brutally many more cases similar to Asifa comes daily.

NO HUMANITY EXIST- Mass group of Indian protesting against her case but there is some mass of peoples who support victims. Why? because victims are Hindu and the girl is of Muslim Religion.

HAT’S OFF TO MENTALITY OF SOME PEOPLES- Among these rape cases many peoples including mature women’s share their opinion that’s “rape is not only one-sided both girl and boys are responsible for that why only boys go to jail girls too have to go jail.” This MENTALITY Proofs why we Indian are still far away from Socially Success.

“ASIFA RAPE CASE IS A PART OF DIRTY POLITICS”?- Yes, If you got anger reading above words we got many interviews of peoples who saying ASIFA RAPE CASE IS A PART OF DIRTY POLITICS. Tn our opinion the peoples who are against the Asifa family Don’t have their mothers or sisters or They Don’t’ Know How to respect girls.

We are a small blogger only. We cannot run laws but We have power to Right to speech. We Support Asifa’s Family. We are her brothers. Let’s unite and force the government to make a tight law against rape.


Bollywood reaction on Asifa Little girl raped

Amitabh Bachan a 75-year-old Super Start said: “It’s terrible to even talk about it.” “(I feel disgusted even talking about it. So, don’t rake up this issue. It is terrible to even talk about it”

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Not only Bachan sir said that many Bollywood actors are anger on this Case. They also support as much as they can. Maybe many actors not reacted yet but they are sharing their thoughts on Twitter on any other social Sites.

This is very shameful now, nation sister and mother are also not safe every day a new Asifa is born in Social media, Newspapers, and On News. This must be stopped

So, Above we share something besides the Entertainment world. Today you don’t need to correct our faults in the comments. Share this article as much as you can to Become a part of #SUPPORTASIFA. This needs to stop we need to unite stop this. Share what tight laws need to pass against these rapists in the comment section. We are sorry if we said wrong. Thanks. 🙂